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An idyllic working farm in Portugal


A Quest for Excellence
For ten months of the year, the vineyard is where the real magic happens

A cool climate with a strong Atlantic influence, a topography of steep slopes and calcareous clay soils. Ideal conditions to grow grapes for fresh elegant wines with personality.

Nestled among the hills just 12km from the Atlantic, Quinta de Sant’Ana has a unique micro-climate of cool nights, cloudy, misty mornings and sunny afternoons. Summer temperatures rarely reach above 35ºC. Winters are generally mild, with temperatures varying between 20ºC and 0ºC, often with nightly ground frosts. Rainfall is high between November and February.

Deep sub-soils with loamy clay, sandy loam and limestone predominate; beneath lies weathered rock, which retains the warmth. For each vineyard, we analysed the soil’s composition, moisture and structure to a depth of two meters. This provided the basis for choosing the ideal root-stock. Each plant in our vineyard has been painstakingly matched to its specific site.

At around 100m elevation, the terrain is undulating to hilly, resulting in a variety of aspects: low-lying, cooler locations provide perfect conditions for our whites, while the steeper, warmer southern slopes ripen our reds. Combined with the geological and micro-climatic conditions, we have a first-class location for our vineyards.

All of the work in the vineyard is done by hand. This ensures a “personal” handling of the plants and meticulous attention to the fruit, naturally. Giving each vineyard special and customised care helps us really understand the relationship between the vines and the soil, and guide it towards producing perfect grapes.

For example, our Pinot Noir benefits from the cooling effects of irrigation in early August, while some of the Touriga Nacional is pruned in a Smart Dyson trellising system to have a larger leaf canopy – it appreciates extra sun. The right timing of pruning is vital to mitigate the effects of a dreaded spring hail on the delicate grape flowers; and so is the right moment to expose new grapes to the sun, to prepare the delicate grape skin for the more intense summer sun. We are quite proud of our wine gardens!


Where old-world passion and new technology combine to redefine our Atlantic region.

Winemaking is our main activity. In the carefully converted cellar the ripe, handpicked grapes are used to produce distinctive wines full of complex flavours, which vividly reflect our unique terroir.

The first-class location of the vineyards offers ideal geological and microclimatic conditions: the low-lying, cooler locations provide perfect conditions for our whites, while the steeper, warmer southern slopes ripen our reds. Variation in the soil composition and climate lead to very different growth and ripening conditions for the vines and grapes.

Our Wines

Eleven hectares of vineyard, each plant carefully tended, produce twelve types of wine. Explore them here...
  • Riesling

    "Atlantic Riesling" is becoming a thing, its precise, steely Germanic heritage complemented by our region's salty coastal climate. Ours is sublimely electr…

  • Branco

    Deliciously fresh, its expressive herbaceous bouquet reveals exotic fruit in the palate. A well-balanced white.

  • Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon smells of elderflower, crushed nettle and asparagus – but it also has wonderful potential in the palate: textured, spicy and mineral, our Sauvi…

  • Homenagem Baron von Fürstenberg

    Ann’s father Gustav von Fürstenberg purchased our Quinta in 1969. A gentleman with a witty, quick sense of humour and passion for music and good food, h…

  • Verdelho

    Discreet and dignified, Verdelho is introverted and speaks to you softly - but listen and you will discover what a fascinating and pleasant character this …

  • Tinto

    Our red shows the typical characteristics of our region: expressive, grounded and intense, with an elegant Atlantic freshness.

Quinta de Sant'Ana

Just 30 minutes north of Lisbon lies the enchanting Quinta de Sant'Ana, a historic family run wine estate.