• James Frost

    Lives the lucky life of a wine producer involving himself in both vineyard and cellar work

    “I have the most beautiful job in the world.”   James has strong roots in agriculture, the Frost family having been farming in the South of England for generations. Growing up in Dorset, he was born with an inherent empathy for nature and agriculture. On leaving school he spent seven full and exciting years in the army, which awakened his adventurous side in places such as France, Nepal and Iraq. In Münster, Germany, he met his wife to be, Ann von Fürstenberg and began his life’s project at Quinta de Sant’Ana in 1992. He was taught the wine-making basics by neighbouring farmers and made his first vintage the following year "the traditional way". But on getting better acquainted with the soils, climate and topography, he soon realised that there was real potential for wines of sublime quality. For James, taking up this opportunity meant he could make his dream of producing his own wine come true. He devotes himself to the wines with great vision, fondness and almost fatherly affection: in the vineyard, the cellar and - of course - in the glass!
  • Ann Frost

    Lives the lucky life of the wife of a wine producer involving herself in family and events

    “Surely it is me who has the most beautiful job in the world.” Ann is an adventurer by nature. The fourth of seven children, she came to Portugal when she was little. Until the revolution in 1974, the Fürstenberg family lived here at the Quinta de Sant’Ana. Afterwards, Ann grew up in Westphalia, going to boarding school near Lake Constance. After completing a course in ceramics, she studied art in Florence, then moved on to graphics & design. After marrying James, they decided to reawaken the family’s vineyard in Portugal from its slumbers, which had lain fallow for many years. Her childhood memories and friendships, together with her understanding of the Portuguese language and culture, were vital to grow roots. Besides running the events at Quinta de Sant'Ana, Ann puts her artistic energy into the project. Her keen senses help discern and describe the complex flavours of our wines, and she is also behind the aesthetics and label design.
  • António Moita Maçanita

    António identifies with the strong family spirit and focus on quality at Quinta de Sant'Ana

    “Winemakers and Viticulturists are equally important partners in the enterprise of wine production. High quality wine is only possible as a result of human skills interacting with nature in the three-stage process of creation, transformation and conservation of fruit that begins in the vineyard and ends when a bottle of wine is emptied into your glass.” “Like father like son” – as the grandson of a Colonel and the son of a chemistry professor, António has it running in his veins: discipline, courage and a taste for adventure, combined with curiosity and an interest in science –  in short, the ideal «oenologist ingredients». It comes as no surprise that when he graduated top of the class in Agro-Industrial Engineering, he lost no time to build up his experience in California (Napa Valley, 2001) and in Australia (d’Arenberg, 2003). In return for playing for the Pays-Medoc Rugby Club he also got a placement at Chateau Lynch-Bages in Bordeaux, France. Back in Portugal he began his successful career as consultant winemaker at the age of 24, Quinta de Sant'Ana being his first project. António's guidance, expertise and skill have been instrumental in finding the style of our terroir, and he fits perfectly into our family-oriented concept. We are happy and proud to be among his favourite wineries!
  • Catarina Silva

    Catarina is passionate. About wine. Especially about Quinta de Sant'Ana wine

    She knows the estate inside out, hosting guests with heart and soul. Born and raised on the beaches of Southern Alentejo, Catarina came to Lisbon to study Tourism and Events, her main driver being a passion for the products and culture of Portugal. She initially came to Quinta de Sant'Ana to support the events and tourism sectors, but her genuine curiosity drew her towards the winery; she remains fascinated in the many steps that it takes to turn sunshine into wine. She is extremely efficient and the sort of person that will do the right thing, even if nobody is looking. If you see a graceful red-haired girl with a big welcoming smile you’ll know it’s her!
  • Warlen, Adriano, Mihai, Nuno

    The success of our project literally lies in their hands

    Our young and cheerful vineyard team almost know every vine by name.
    Warlen and Adriano are both from Brazil and seem to have that samba spring in their steps. One can easily spot them in the vineyard as their enormous straw hats bob up and down between the vines. Mihai is from Romania and “good disposition personified”. Nuno represets a bit of old Portugal in our team with solid work ethics. He farms his own land at the weekends. It is a known truth that great wines can only be made with perfect grapes, no matter how skilled the winemaker. We therefore place utmost emphasis on the vineyard, carefully tending the vines. We are proud of our vineyard team, who keep the whole Quinta healthy, beautiful and functional. They are the ones who go out come wind, rain or, as most commonly is the case, sun!
  • The Frost Boys

    Lucas, Franziscus, Charlie, Jeremy, Patrick, Joseph and Tiago

    With seven strapping boys between 25 and five years old, ours is a family effort. Everyone helps out around the house and farm; during the harvest, bottling and labeling, when work intensifies, even the little ones are eager to contribute. As a small boutique winery, Quinta de Sant’Ana offers the chance to learn all aspects of winemaking - it is hard and rewarding work, a concentrated few weeks and an excellent and character-building experience. The eldest, Lucas and Franziscus have already done a few harvests each. This vintage will be made by Charlie. We hope all our sons learn good work ethic, a love and respect for the land and who knows, they might steer our project into the future!