The Quinta


Where old-world passion and new technology combine to redefine our Atlantic region.

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Natural Characteristics

Our philosophy on wine making is of minimum intervention, allowing the natural characteristics of our terroir to shine through in the wines.

The winery is one of the oldest buildings on the Quinta. We have adapted it to meet modern winemaking methods and have gone to great lengths to preserve its historical beauty. This means that our work in the winery is very hands-on. Apart from our fork-lift and conveyor belt, most of the lifting, measuring, testing, monitoring and cleaning is done manually. It insures the highest degree of attention to detail as well as a personal, human touch.

Tradition meets high-tech

We have preserved the aesthetic and structure of our old winery, but invested in state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

Hand picked grapes arrive in small, 20kg boxes and are vinified in the Quinta's winery. White grapes are pressed directly in our pneumatic press, which minimizes bruising on the grape's skin and extracts only the purest grape must. Carefully, the must is pumped into stainless-steel tanks, where the fermentation process soon begins. For the red wines, grapes are gently crushed to expose the flesh. A proportion of the must is removed after a few hours, thus concentrating aromas – the extracted juice goes on to make our rosé. In special fermentation tanks, fermentation is allowed to begin spontaneously through the yeasts that naturally occur on the grape's skin.

QSA Treading-31

The grapes are still crushed the traditional way with bare feet.

Besides being part of our region's heritage, some red wines truly benefit from this technique.

These wines are fermented in the winery's old cool stone fermentation tanks. Their large surface area aids in the extraction of aromas, while the daily foot-treading gently breaks down the grapes' cell structure without injuring the bitter pips.

All wines are checked twice a day, monitoring the evolution of the fermentation and temperature. Depending on the style we are after, wines are aged in stainless steel or French oak, and end up being stabilized, filtered and bottled on site. Inevitably, a lot of them are drunk on site too!

Quinta de Sant'Ana

Just 30 minutes north of Lisbon lies the enchanting Quinta de Sant'Ana, a historic family run wine estate.